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Emma couldn´t believe the fact she had nothing to match up to her new skirt , it was a cold may and all her softer tights were ripped so she had nothing to wear on her legs except her winter tights. She would do fine so far but what about the near future,her tights wouldn´t last even a week unless a frequent laundrying, she wanted to show off her sexy legs and was willing to alter her wardrobe to her decision, now !

She thought to herself i need new ones and i need them fast , opening browser and typing tights , colours , comfy , fast was as easy as pie, first link that popped up had 4 W´s so she clicked it straight away. Designer tights, fill in your height, waist, desired color, desired pattern and desired thickness , our material is a company secret based on a lycrapolyamid substance with traits of finest wool and as light as silk , delivered on the third day from order quaranteed or u get your money back. Emma didn´t hesitate even a second , her measurements were easily compatible with provided preset table sizes , she picked up awesomely shiny tights with 3d effect, that she saw sample off while picking. They seemed to move the shiniest bits of the pattern around various parts of the tights all over the legs, almost like they were alive. Colour was chrome black with a red undertone , she never saw a colour like that. What surprised our dear heroine even more was the price, they didn´t cost more than ordinary fancier tights , like american apparel , wolford or gatta products. Oh wait ... scroll down revealed  a present from the company in form of 6 pairs of extra tights in rainbow colours from very soft polyamid look-alike material, only for price of one extra designer pair ,not the same amazing fabric but pretty much an offer u can´t refuse.  Order and check out , enter credit card details, accept, done, confirmation email received straight away for the order, hey ... what´s this ? u get 2 extra pairs for being our 100th customer, black and white on top of all rainbow colours and her awesome designer chromy tights, this must be my lucky day she thought to herself. No actual country was coming up when Emma tried to search the base for this company so she still had her doubts , seemed too much like those miraculous offers, that you heired tenths of millions from long lost argentinian grandpa or free plastic operation offers.

Third day morning a package was delivered by a private courier, a very pretty girl with shiny black hair, she wasn´t much taller than our sexy heroine herself, a black silk scarf around her neck, black sporty glasses covering a lot from the forehead and a modern hair styly pony tail, Emma recognized a tight turtleneck covering her neck and torso very well, she could recognize her busty figure tho and felt a little jealous what the nature provided this girl with. A semiopened leather jacket also revealed a leathery corset was it ? Tied tighly around the busty parts to make them stand out even more. A shiny leather skirt completed with a pair or chrome bright red shiny tights and black leather longboots. The courier was odd enough already, she had a very pleasant voice and said : „miss Emma ?“
"Yes that would be me."
"Here is your package young lady , u are very pretty, thank u very much for your order and enjoy these exquisite products pls. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal , maybe u can recommend us to your friends if u will find yourself satisfied. bb for now."
"Thank u , bb"

Well , she was REALLY nice ............. but that last sentence sounded a bit too improvised for a proffesional courier. Oh well, me and my worries, should be glad the tights actually arrived just like they promised. If all that experience was odd enough , Emma got surprised it could get even more odd when she actually saw the package that arrived , it was basically art work, opening it felt like opening a fancy chocolate collection.
The top layer was where the classic colored tights were, black and white very soft on outside and even softer when Emma sampled the inside, felt so good to just touch ´em, Emma had to try them both on straight away, white pair she sampled with her black skirts. Black tights she tried with the white short skirt and jean shorts which she usually combined. It all seemed perfect, tights were pulled off and placed carefully on her bed. The middle layer of the box included all the rainbow color tights as Emma anticipated and she got more and more excited wearing all of them, she tried all of them very carefully , just ran around in her undies and the awesomely soft tights masaging her on her tight buttocks and down on her feet as well, it felt so good she started to get naughty ideas and giggling to herself.Fondling her own body felt so good in the new tights , she felt like jumping and screaming of joy. Which was what she did. Ooooh , she almost forgot...

The main thing how could she forget them, as she approached the box again to reach the bottom layer, she noticed a silver cover on top of the bottom layer, she tried removing it but she couldn´t, ripping it off didnt work either, she started to get disapointed but she remembered her fading patience and when she calmed down enough she managed to come up with an idea , the last layer was covered at the bottom of the box by the silver plating too, there must have been a trick to it, then she realized there was a weird ball key thingie attached to the opening of the box , that must be it , it fit the pattern on the silver plating perfectly . As it clicked and cracked in the middle like a mini transformer artwork she thought ,
Emma was very impressed and entertained by this box of wonders and its contains, as she sat on her bed , tights everywhere , the red pair on her legs, she sat in her sexiest leg over leg position and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. she looked awesomely playful as if the tights were shaping her body to even an awesomer shape, she tried all the movie leg over leg positions that she knew, while completely forgeting about the box she just managed to open.

The box started glowing from the inside as if there was a small light captured in it, Emma could not miss noticing it in the mirror and thought again how genius this company must be with their gizmos. She finaly reached to the bottom of the little box and pulled out the last pair of tights designed especially for her. They were marvelous just by the touch, it was fascinating how could it get even better Emma thought. She unrolled them carefully and wanted to put em on top of the red tights she was wearing, then she stopped suddenly... she just wanted to do it, she pulled off the red tights, took off her bra, and after a 10 second hesitation decided, panties are going off too. Emma just wanted to feel that fabric so bad on her pussy she couldn´t resist it any more, she didn´t even know what gave her the idea. She pulled the tights carefully , leg by leg, pull and adjust, pull and adjust a little tug aaaand........ it was marvelous, what is this fabric , christ i havent felt anything like this before... how is this even possible. Immediately her legs were getting massaged by the soft chromy fabric enveloping her skin like a thousand little spider legs.
Fascinating feeling which seemed to travel as the tights were clinging tigher to her shapes. She adjusted the reinforced control top that had a more red undertone than the rest of the tights. Then suddenly the shiny spot appeared on her crotch and decided to take a little travel around the shiny surface, it kept moving around her legs just like she saw in the video when she was picking these tights up, producing sensational feelings of warmth and something else almost like electricity the spot massaged her yummy legs, kept moving around , it felt sooo damn good and relaxing ... and then something was very wrong... the shiny spot slowly moved back towards her crotch and pussy, as it procceeded, Emma felt a sudden raise in her heartbeat, her female sixth sense was alarming her so much she could barely breathe, the shiny spot stopped at her crotch and she felt it very strong then , a sudden cling on her pussy which made her almost jump, aroused her like nothing before, and another one, she didnt know what to do, pull the tights off and stop this awesome never experienced feeling? No, hell no , she didn´t want to, she … couldn´t? She must have this! Her mind was slipping away from the freedom idea more and more, she tried resisting but failed, the box that was beeping with the weak red light was brightly shining which she failed to notice until now , and it was way too late, the box released a purple foggy haze and dimmed the lights in the room , or maybe it was just Emma´s head, what is this company , like a complete forced pleasure experience ?

The orgasms didnt let Emma wait long , the shiny spot took over Emma´s hands and was now completely controling her movements, Emma aroused herself over and over, until she got drippy, her sweat and drip magically disapeared from her legs , also her pussy juices were absorbed by the fancy fabric of the tights, engulfing her sexy thighs and crotch area. Emma couldn´t keep her mind on anything anymore, it was racing on its own, producing rich images and recalling her memory, all exciting things in her life were coming up before her eyes , hands grasping her breasts instead and traveling around her neck´s sensitive spots , she was terrified, the tights completely took over pleasuring her, when she tried touching her pussy she was prevented by fascinating heat and pressure, it felt like a million tiny tentacles sucking on her tiniest sensitive parts. In her nirvana Emma didn´t realize that massaging wasnt everything that the tights were doing to her, they started growing on her body , on their own they enveloped every inch of her body in the fancy stimulating fabric, which terrified Emma beyond her deepest horrors but she couldn´t stop orgasming and became drowsier as the orgasms were taking away her energy.
Deep breaths, moans and screams followed as Emma couldn´t handle her body anymore, and painful pleasure was taking over. Her body was now completely covered by the red toned black chromy tights (was that substance on her body actually living and knowing what to do to her body and when) , she only resorted to these thoughts as she cried from pleasure.

She could barely feel her own limbs now , when she caught a glimpse of a shade moving around very quick, it was too quick for her to realize who or what it was. She was falling into a deep catatonic state , on verge of permanent arousal she couldn´t resist anything, her awesome body was covered by a shade bending over her, and she finaly could recognize the stranger? It was the girl that delivered the package!!!!! „Hello again sweetness“ With radiating red eyes Emma was further hypnotized by the intruder, "shhhhhh whats all this noise" she hissed as she touched Emma´s body. What followed then was cataclysm to Emma´s muscles , the girl managed to reshape and stimulate the growing tights suit that took control over Emmas body, turning it into rubbery gooey latex like substance, basically adding another layer of super weird chocolate that felt like it will gobble Emma´s body as a whole and produce an unending thriller orgasm. Hands were transformed  first, then heavily embraced Emma´s neck, as the latex kept growing on itself the girl focused most efforts on Emma´s groin areas and spent a lot of time playing with our poor heroine, Emma wanted to scream for help all this time but could only whimper out mere "why" or "pls" or "noo", the girl replied "still a bit too noisy but i have just the thing for that"... a bright shiny pink bubble was inserted into Emma´s mouth, adhesing tightly to Emma´s mouth assimilating to the shapes of the cavity, providing a perfect silence, filling the mouth when opened and shrinking when closed. It tasted fruity.
Very gently a thin latexy layer was applied on top of the mouth filling gag and wrapped firmly around Emmas head. Stroking the cheeks the girl tried to calm Emma while the living latex was finishing the body cocoon. When Emma was gagged to the liking of her captor a mask was applied to her face resembling a fox, the same latexy substance that was now covering her body over the tights layer. Loving every bit of it, the girl whispered to Emmas ear , now i will kiss u good night and revealed sharp fangs in her mouth. Emma was bitten and felt a soothing comfort getting injected with an anesthetic poison.
The fascination of thick substance running in her bloodstream producing a complete relaxed  state for her tired muscels terrified her but awesomely turned her on at the same time. Before drifting off to sleep , the girl took Emmas new tights and latex layered body and covered it in the finest silk that was appropriate for such delicate matter as our heroine was.

"Will take a really good care of u , u will find out what our awesome trademark material for our designer tights is and learn how to make it yourself when u become one of us."
The girl said before wrapping up Emma´s eyes and sinking her into solacing darkness.
I think I've fainted. Story that i wrote for my love, based on my passion for cocooning fused with osvaldo greco´s comic a valentine´s surprise, ideas of dana orbek, and works of blackrain.

Would like to present this as a thank you to all the amazing artists on deviantart Namely : spiderweber,rcanheta,erikson1,yes-i-did,wossarem,reptileye,parangsakti,osvaldogreco,tilly-monster,alenonimo,heartgear,solidzesnake,ragadabah,nicklaw-arts,shax,aleksecond,general-sci,napoleonxvi,sneakattack1221,cacaothedeceiver,captainkidnap,dreampaintloon,side-effect55,vwyler,lostonezero,momoyoy,hosednbound,maddland,xjkenny,suichitanaka,yashasun,c0re1,rosvo,taurus-comix,gagsnob,daikinbakuju,ishy-222,arnie00,we-r-nomad,yvonnecraig,piroro,zixtalon,and everyone else that i had the pleasure faving their work off and making every day worth looking forward to I think I've fainted.
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side-effect55 Featured By Owner May 21, 2017
Wow, I was engulfed in your story, just like poor Emma was engulfed in those tights. A very enjoyable read. Love all the hoisery.
CANNIBALIX Featured By Owner May 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
'feels good' that u liked it, thx
TheArtOfLegwear Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, amazing writing! 
CANNIBALIX Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you <3 glad u liked it
Vestiphile Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2016
Absolutely delicious work.
CANNIBALIX Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you very much
CoCo-oCoC Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015
I really love this story~ Hug 
CANNIBALIX Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome ! thx
rcanheta Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
thank you!
really nice story, I always enjoyed these "living latex" thingies taking over a woman body.
CANNIBALIX Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
very glad u liked it
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